A paragon is an ideal, setting a standard for excellence and emulation.


We understand what it takes to win in California’s diverse and constantly evolving political landscape. We partner with our clients to fully understand their unique challenges, define success, then craft and implement a strategic plan that achieves measurable results.

Paragon Communications offers comprehensive public affairs, media relations, crisis management, community engagement, coalition building, social media management, and digital advertising services to clients that span ideology, sector and scale.


Precision execution that anticipates changes and exceeds expectations.

Even the best laid plans require 24/7 operational insight and flawless execution to break through the noise. We know when to create a loud chorus of support or when to work discretely, making the desired outcome seem self-evident. We maintain strategic partnerships to design, develop and deploy traditional and digital media assets across every medium, adapting in real-time to dynamic circumstances.


Deploy messaging that captures audiences and invests them in an outcome.

From the ballot box to the C-suite, we know the importance of consistent, credible and compelling messages that are tailor-made to activate key constituencies. We help clients enhance their reputations and expand their reach by telling their stories in a way that resonates with diverse audiences across the media spectrum.


Shape narratives that build brand equity, change perceptions, and win campaigns.

Clients depend on us because they trust our relentless focus on achieving success. Everyone loves to win – we refuse to lose.


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